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Uzbekistan and Japan

Uzbekistan and Japan Collaborate on Advancing Dam Development and Digitalization

Tashkent, February 28, 2024, The Europe Today: In a significant stride towards enhancing water management practices and infrastructure, the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan jointly organized a scientific and practical workshop. Themed “Development and management of dams (promoting digitalization),” the event convened at the Uzbekistan-Japan Youth Innovation Center, attracting a diverse audience of stakeholders.

The workshop saw active participation from representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, scientists, specialists in the field, employees of the Japanese Embassy in Uzbekistan, the representative office of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Uzbekistan, several Japanese companies, and students.

Distinguished speakers at the event included Deputy Minister of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Dilshodjon Khojiakhmedov, Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan for International Projects, Seiichi Onodera, and other notable figures. During their addresses, they highlighted the robust cooperation established between Uzbekistan and Japan in multiple water management projects aimed at preventing natural disasters and ensuring the development of quality infrastructure.

The workshop featured comprehensive presentations from Uzbekistani and Japanese scientists, covering critical aspects such as strengthening emergency prevention, ensuring seismic resistance of dams, effective dam management, promoting digitalization, and establishing safe water flow systems from upstream to downstream, including advanced warning systems.

Deputy Minister Dilshodjon Khojiakhmedov emphasized, “This collaborative effort with Japan is a testament to our commitment to preventing natural disasters and creating a resilient infrastructure that meets international standards. The exchange of knowledge and expertise is vital for the sustainable development of our water resources.”

As a part of the workshop, representatives from approximately 10 Uzbek and Japanese companies engaged in constructive business meetings. These interactions aimed at fostering partnerships and exploring opportunities for joint ventures and collaborations in the field of dam development, technology integration, and digitalization.

The workshop marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing collaboration between Uzbekistan and Japan, combining the strengths of both nations to address challenges and promote advancements in water resource management. The shared commitment to technological innovation and knowledge exchange will contribute to the development of sustainable solutions for the benefit of both countries.