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France’s Rugby Sevens Triumph in Los Angeles Fuels Olympic Ambitions

Los Angeles, March 04, 2024, The Europe Today: French rugby sensation Antoine Dupont is confident that France possesses the necessary prowess to secure an Olympic medal, and perhaps even gold, in Rugby Sevens at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. This optimism follows a remarkable victory for Les Bleus in the Los Angeles Sevens men’s title, signaling a resurgence of French dominance in the Rugby Sevens arena.

In a thrilling final showdown on Sunday, France emerged victorious, defeating Britain 21-0, with Dupont making a decisive impact as a second-half substitute. His strategic play led to Theo Forner scoring France’s third try, securing the team’s first Rugby Sevens title since 2005.

“I started this Olympic project to get a medal, obviously a gold medal,” expressed Dupont, emphasizing the long-term vision and commitment to success. “I knew the guys were able to do it (on Sunday), and that they can beat anyone when they’re at their best. We’re a very ambitious squad who’s looking to claim this (gold) medal in the summer. We’re all aiming for it,” he asserted.

Dupont, who opted to skip rugby union’s Six Nations to focus exclusively on preparations for Paris 2024, now returns to his rugby union club, Toulouse. However, his journey towards Olympic glory continues, as he is set to rejoin the Rugby Sevens squad for the series finals in Madrid in May, underscoring the determination and dedication of the French team to maintain their winning momentum.

The triumphant performance in Los Angeles not only reaffirms France’s standing as a force in Rugby Sevens but also ignites hopes for a podium finish at the Olympics. With Dupont leading the charge, Les Bleus are poised to make a resounding statement on the global stage, showcasing their ambition and skill in pursuit of Olympic gold. The rugby world eagerly anticipates the French team’s quest for glory at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.