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Tesla’s European Gigafactory Near Berlin Halts Production After Suspected Arson Attack

Berlin, March 05, 2024, The Europe Today: Tesla’s European Gigafactory, located near Berlin, experienced a temporary halt in production and a power outage following a suspected arson attack on an electricity pylon in the vicinity early Tuesday morning. The incident, which did not result in damage to the Tesla site, marked a setback for the U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer in Europe.

The fire, southeast of the German capital, was promptly extinguished by the fire brigade, preventing its spread to the Tesla manufacturing plant. Despite these precautions, production at the Gigafactory was brought to a standstill, and the site was evacuated. Tesla’s Frankfurt-listed shares experienced a 2.8% decline at 1115 GMT following the incident.

This development adds to recent challenges faced by Tesla in Europe, including union pressures for collective bargaining agreements in the Nordics and supply disruptions due to Red Sea shipping attacks. The European Gigafactory, Elon Musk’s first manufacturing plant in Europe, has been a focal point for environmental protests since its launch two years ago.

Authorities are investigating the suspected arson attack, with reports suggesting bomb disposal units were deployed after an emergency services discovery of a sign indicating possible ordnance. The state police office is leading the investigation, treating the case as arson and exploring all directions.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed the disruption and evacuation, while workers from an energy company are actively repairing the damage to the high-voltage pylon. Power has been restored to surrounding communities, excluding a large industrial site and a logistics center. The investigation and repair efforts are ongoing, with authorities emphasizing a thorough exploration of all potential leads in the suspected arson case.