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Second International Forum on "Industrial Construction" held in Kazakhstan

Second International Forum on “Industrial Construction” held in Kazakhstan

On 28-29 February 2024, the Second International Forum on “Industrial Construction” was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with experts and prominent practitioners from Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, and other countries convened for extensive discussions on this significant dialogue platform. Representatives of financial organizations attended, boasting the participation of various domestic and international experts. They were engaged in plenary and panel discussions by recommending solutions to tackle the most pressing development issues in the construction sector.

Experts emphasized the importance of industrial construction in enhancing productivity, quality, and safety of construction processes, while also highlighting its significance in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in the field of industrial construction and companies supplying information technology (IT) solutions for the construction industry, aiming to resolve the current issues of construction technologies and production of building materials. They have emphasized exploring approaches and solutions that are the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, safe (including in seismically active regions), and also meet modern aesthetic requirements.

Additionally, the forum discussed current issues regarding the adoption of advanced systems in contemporary construction stages, with participants exchanging their views on topics such as the MOTUS construction system to construct and maintain infrastructure projects and systems in the public and private sector transforming the urban landscape of Central Asia, financial subsidies according to energy-efficient building standards, market development, and the prospects for implementing pilot projects in Central Asia, along with innovative solutions in industrial construction for industrial building methods.

The forum attendees praised the high-quality thematic content of the business program and the event’s high level of organization, noting that the expanded program has allowed all participants to become acquainted with new technologies, even those applied in seismic hazard regions, thereby generating a new impulse for the development of the entire sector. The forum involved not only developer companies and manufacturers of building materials but also suppliers of IT solutions and developers of standards in the field of construction and architecture, offering a platform for middle powers to discuss viewpoints and positions, enabling nations to present solutions to challenges and problems, and also facilitating enhanced engagement among nations.

The forum has been pivotal in shaping and galvanizing the country as a proactive and responsible global player, with investment activity being of great importance to ensure dynamic economic growth of Kazakhstan, while industrial cooperation is becoming a new trend in regional collaboration in Central Asia, encompassing regional cooperation in trade, investment, energy, transportation, security, and culture, with heads of state also discussing current regional and international issues of mutual interest.

Kazakhstan Initiatives

President Kassym Tokayev’s leadership took various steps with a keen focus on infrastructure development and modernization across country. The government policies and initiatives have positioned Kazakhstan as an attractive destination for investment in the industrial construction sector.

As a main player in sustainable development and prosperity, Kazakhstan has intensified business-to-business contacts with the region as well as with global stakeholders, and the number of joint ventures is growing, with large regional projects not only bringing tangible mutual benefits but also an open and inclusive approach to regional cooperation.

The establishment of an International Center for Industrial Cooperation on the Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border and an Industrial Trade and Logistics Complex on the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border is expected to greatly enhance efforts to increase bilateral trade, and ongoing initiatives such as the development of border trade zones between Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan, which commenced last year, contribute to fostering trade and economic cooperation in the region.

Kazakhstan’s leadership has actively encouraged both local and international investors to capitalize on the vast potential of its construction industry and set ambitious tasks to attract investment from regional stakeholders. Kazakhstan has not only fostered a conducive environment for domestic industrial growth but also extended inviting opportunities for regional countries to participate and invest in its construction industry.

President Tokayev’s leadership has facilitated global initiatives as a promoter of world peace and cooperation. The government’s vision for revitalizing the manufacturing sector, becoming an IT-focused nation, supporting entrepreneurship, and strengthening the various other sectors demonstrates a comprehensive and pragmatic approach. Kazakhstan is not only driving its own economic transformation but is also laying the foundations for a more integrated and prosperous future for the entire region.

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Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram is an Executive Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF).