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Tragic Discovery: Five Cross-Country Skiers Found Dead in Swiss Alps

Bern, March 11, 2024, The Europe Today: Local authorities in the Swiss canton of Valais reported on Monday that rescue workers had discovered the lifeless bodies of five cross-country skiers in the southeastern region of Switzerland, near the border with Italy.

The search operation was initiated by Valais police on Sunday after receiving reports of six missing individuals who had embarked on a ski tour in the picturesque Alpine town of Zermatt. Harsh weather conditions and the looming threat of avalanches posed significant challenges to the rescue mission.

Despite these obstacles, a determined team of rescuers successfully located five bodies. Efforts are still underway to locate the sixth missing person. The victims, aged between 21 and 58, vanished near the formidable 3,706-meter Tête Blanche mountain, situated halfway between Zermatt and Arolla. Zermatt, renowned for its skiing attractions and the iconic Matterhorn, now grapples with this tragic incident, sending condolences to the families affected by the unfortunate loss.