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Turkmen Embassy in Iran

Turkmen Embassy in Iran Celebrates 300th Anniversary of Magtymguly Fragi’s Birth

Tehran, March 12, 2024, The Europe Today: Turkmen Embassy in Iran, in collaboration with the Institute of Culture of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Tehran, hosted a distinguished event commemorating the 300th anniversary of the birth of the esteemed Turkmen poet and philosopher, Magtymguly Fragi.

The event drew participation from various Iranian entities, including representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Majlis, and members of the scientific intelligentsia. Notable attendees included Dr. Alireza Habibi, Vice-President of the Iranian Association of Cultural Artifacts and Monuments, Dr. Nasser Koli Sarli from Kharazmi University, and Dr. Amangylych Shadmehr from the Majlis.

Addressing the audience, A. Bayramov, the First Secretary-Consul of the Embassy of Turkmenistan, shed light on the initiatives undertaken in Turkmenistan to study and preserve the enduring legacy of Magtymguly. He highlighted the overarching theme of the year, “The Fount of the Mind of Magtymguly Fragi,” and outlined the global events conducted to honor the anniversary year of the Turkmen poet and philosopher.

As part of the cultural celebration, distinguished Iranian scholars recited poems penned by Magtymguly Fragi, delving into the profound impact of the poet’s work on subsequent generations.

The gathering also provided a platform for discussions on cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the Embassy and the ECO Institute of Culture. Both parties expressed satisfaction with the robust dynamics of their collaboration within the framework of international organizations. The discussions underscored the vast opportunities and promising prospects for bilateral interaction, reflecting the ongoing commitment to fostering cultural ties and mutual understanding between Turkmenistan and Iran, according to a press release from the Turkmen Embassy.