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Uzbek Ambassador to Belarus

Uzbek Ambassador to Belarus Meets Belarusian Education Minister to Strengthen Educational Cooperation

Minsk, March 18, 2024, The Europe Today: Uzbek Ambassador to Belarus Rahmatulla Nazarov of Uzbekistan engaged in discussions with Belarusian Minister of Education, Andrey Ivanes, underscoring the importance of educational cooperation between the two nations.

According to reports from Uzbek media, the meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the fruitful outcomes of President Alexander Lukashenko’s official visit to Uzbekistan from February 7-9, highlighting the agreements reached in the field of pre-school and school education during the visit.

The Belarusian side expressed appreciation for the progress made following President Lukashenko’s visit and emphasized the importance of actively implementing the agreed-upon tasks. Both parties reiterated their readiness to engage in discussions to monitor the implementation of the “Roadmap” and cooperation program in the education sector.

During the dialogue, priority areas for cooperation were identified, including the establishment of branches of Belarusian higher education institutions in Uzbekistan, the implementation of pilot projects in vocational education across various regions, and the facilitation of exchanges between workers and managers.

The meeting concluded with an agreement between the relevant authorities of Uzbekistan and Belarus to conduct detailed studies on the discussed issues, demonstrating the commitment of both countries to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of education.

The engagement between Ambassador Rahmatulla Nazarov and Minister Andrey Ivanes signals a shared commitment to fostering educational partnerships that will benefit the students and educational institutions of both Uzbekistan and Belarus. As discussions continue and plans are set in motion, the stage is set for enhanced collaboration and mutual learning in the realm of education.