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Konstantin Veliki Airport

Expansion of Serbia’s Konstantin Veliki Airport in Nis Set to Commence Following Contract Award to Chinese Firm

Nis, March 20, 2024, The Europe Today: Serbia’s aviation infrastructure, the expansion project for the Konstantin Veliki Airport in the southeastern city of Nis is set to commence following the awarding of an infrastructure development contract to China’s Shandong Hi-Speed Group. The contract signing ceremony, held on Tuesday, witnessed the convergence of key stakeholders, including Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic, Acting Director of “Aerodromi Srbije” (Airports of Serbia) Mihajlo Zdravkovic, and Director of China Shandong International Economic & Technical Cooperation Group, Zhuang Yong.

The comprehensive contract encompasses a series of pivotal initiatives aimed at enhancing the airport’s infrastructure and operational capacity. Mihajlo Zdravkovic elucidated the scope of the project, highlighting plans for the construction of 1,976 meters of internal roads and the development of 53,900 square meters of airport space, representing a significant expansion from the existing 80,000 square meters. Notably, the project will substantially augment parking capacity, elevating it from the current 173 parking spaces to a total of 580, thereby addressing burgeoning demands in line with anticipated growth trajectories.

Minister Goran Vesic underscored the strategic significance of Konstantin Veliki Airport, citing its pivotal role as a vital transportation hub. Vesic emphasized the airport’s remarkable performance, noting a record-breaking throughput of 488,312 passengers in the preceding year, with projections indicating sustained growth trends in the foreseeable future.

The commencement of the expansion project heralds a new chapter in the evolution of Serbia’s aviation landscape, reflecting the government’s steadfast commitment to bolstering transportation infrastructure and facilitating economic development. The collaboration with Shandong Hi-Speed Group signifies a convergence of expertise and resources aimed at realizing the airport’s full potential as a key driver of regional connectivity and economic vitality.

The expansion endeavors at Konstantin Veliki Airport epitomize Serbia’s broader vision for sustainable development and infrastructural modernization, aligning with strategic imperatives to enhance competitiveness and foster inclusive growth across diverse sectors.

As Serbia embarks on this transformative journey, the expansion of Konstantin Veliki Airport stands as a testament to the nation’s resilience, dynamism, and unwavering commitment to building a prosperous and interconnected future for its citizens and stakeholders.