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Germany's National Soccer Team

Germany’s National Soccer Team to Partner with Nike, Ending Historic Adidas Alliance

Berlin, March 21, 2024, The Europe Today: Germany’s national soccer team is set to embark on a new chapter in its sporting history as it transitions its kit sponsorship from Adidas to US sportswear giant Nike, the German Football Federation (DFB) announced on Thursday.

The landmark partnership with Nike, scheduled to commence in 2027 and extend until at least 2034, marks a significant departure from the longstanding collaboration with Adidas.

“We eagerly anticipate our collaboration with Nike and express our gratitude for the trust they have bestowed upon us. This future partnership will empower the DFB to continue fulfilling its pivotal roles in the advancement of football in Germany over the next decade,” stated DFB President Bernd Neuendorf.

Neuendorf also acknowledged the invaluable contributions of Adidas to German football over the past seven decades, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring a seamless transition until the conclusion of the current partnership in December 2026.

“While we eagerly anticipate the future with Nike, we remain fully dedicated to the collective success of our enduring partner Adidas,” Neuendorf affirmed.

The decision to switch kit sponsors reflects the DFB’s strategic vision and commitment to evolving with the changing landscape of global sports partnerships. The move underscores the DFB’s focus on embracing new opportunities while honoring its rich heritage and longstanding relationships.

The transition to Nike signifies a new era for Germany’s national soccer team, characterized by innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence on and off the field.