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23rd March,

23rd March, Pakistan Resolution Day Through the Lens of History Celebrated with Ambassador Afrasiab Mehdi at Foundation University Islamabad

Islamabad, March 22, 2024, The Europe Today: Department of Arts and Media at Foundation University Islamabad celebrated Pakistan Resolution Day, focusing on the importance of nationalism. Pro Rector Foundation University Islamabad, Professor Dr Abdul Ghafoor welcomed the chief guest, former Ambassador Mr. Afrasiab Mehdi Hashmi. Dr Hina Shahid, Head Department of Arts and Media extended her gratitude to the chief guest for dedicating his time to share his experiences with the younger generation. This celebration highlighted the importance of Islam and role of Pakistani in bringing prosperity to the nation.

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The event kicked off with a warm welcome to the esteemed guest, Ambassador Afrasiab Mehdi Hashmi who represented Pakistan in Washington, Beijing, Delhi, Vienna, Dhaka and Wellington. He is also a prolific writer and author of more than 20 books known worldwide. The national anthem was played setting the tone for the seminar filled with meaningful reflections. A specially curated music video, produced by the Department of Arts and Media, paid homage to our beloved homeland, Pakistan evoked a sense of pride and unity among the nation. In the spirit of celebration, the audience was indulged in the soul stirring musical performance on the national songs of Pakistan, by the student of Arts and Media Department.

The chief guest of the celebration, Ambassador Afrasiab, with esteemed reputation and expertise chose to provide insightful perspectives to the audience related to the occasion. He delved into topics such as Islamic history, history of Pakistan after partition, role played by our forefathers before and after partition, and the expected role of our young generation. He accentuated the difficulties and complications that Pakistan had to face post partition and how despite all odds Pakistan emerged as a rapidly developing nation. He very wisely explained our nation’s journey of progress and development, the importance of national unity and solidarity and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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The speaker brought a unique and valuable perspective to the table, offering words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement to the audience. An engaging question and answer session afterwards, allowed the participants to delve deeper into the discussion and gain valuable insights. While answering the students’ questions, he profoundly emphasized that the Pakistani Muslims must not feel less superior than the Muslims of any other country as our history and lives of our forefathers has been evident of sheer struggle, patriotic enthusiasm and dedication to the motherland. His speech not only educated and enlightened the audience but also provoked a sense of pride and patriotism among the audience fostering a deeper appreciation for the country and its achievements. To further elevate the patriotic fervor, a captivating poetry recitation was dedicated to Pakistan day, performed by a student of Arts and Media aiming to spark the spirits of the audience and instill a sense of admiration for our country’s cultural richness.

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Ambassador Afrasiab also gifted six books to the library to make the young generation more aware of the facts about Pakistan to better represent Pakistan all over the world. Dr Hina Shahid appreciated the dedication and hard work of Miss Asima Mushtaq, Lecturer, Department of Arts and Media and her students’ team for organizing such an impressive and earnest celebration to recall the spirit of 23rd March. The event was concluded with a heartfelt closing note by the Head, Department of Arts and Media Dr. Hina Shahid who followed by presentation of the university plaque by the Pro Rector Director Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor to the honorable guest.