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Azerbaijan Triathlon Federation President Farid Farhadzade Holds Key Meeting with World Triathlon Organization Leadership in Madrid

Madrid, March 21, 2024, The Europe Today: A significant development in the realm of sports diplomacy unfolded as Azerbaijan Triathlon Federation (ATF) President Farid Farhadzade convened a crucial meeting with World Triathlon Organization President Marisol Casado and General Secretary Antonio Arimany in Madrid. The gathering, which underscored the commitment to advancing the sport of triathlon, served as a platform for strategic discussions and collaborative initiatives.

According to reports from Azerbaijan’s media, the meeting primarily focused on the development of triathlon within Azerbaijan. President Farhadzade and the leadership of the World Triathlon Organization deliberated on various aspects aimed at fostering the growth and advancement of the sport in the country.

One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the agreement to conduct a seminar for triathlon coaches in Azerbaijan later this year. This initiative reflects the shared commitment of both the ATF and the World Triathlon Organization to enhance the technical expertise and proficiency of coaches, thereby nurturing talent and fostering a vibrant triathlon community within Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, discussions centered on the prospective organization of the Triathlon World Cup in Baku in 2025. The prospect of hosting such a prestigious international event in Azerbaijan signifies the nation’s growing prominence and capabilities in the realm of sports and underscores its commitment to showcasing world-class sporting events on the global stage.

The collaborative efforts between the ATF and the World Triathlon Organization exemplify the spirit of partnership and cooperation aimed at advancing the sport of triathlon and promoting healthy and active lifestyles. Through concerted initiatives and strategic collaborations, both entities aim to further elevate the profile of triathlon in Azerbaijan and contribute to its continued growth and success on the international stage.