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New Air Route Between Shenyang and Frankfurt Set to Enhance Connectivity

Shenyang, March 29, 2024, The Europe Today: China Southern Airlines announced on Wednesday the launch of a new air route connecting Shenyang, the capital of northeast China’s Liaoning Province, with Frankfurt, Germany. Scheduled to commence operations on April 25th, this inaugural route signifies a significant milestone as the first regular flight directly linking northeast China with Germany, operated by a domestic airline company.

The new route will offer weekly flights every Thursday, facilitated by state-of-the-art Airbus A350-900 aircraft. With an estimated flight duration of approximately 11 hours, travelers will benefit from streamlined connectivity, saving over five hours in transit time compared to existing routes with layovers.

The establishment of this direct air link holds immense significance for fostering enhanced economic and cultural exchanges between Liaoning Province and Germany. As Germany stands as a primary source of foreign investment and a crucial trading partner for Liaoning Province, the introduction of this air route is poised to catalyze further collaboration and growth across various sectors.

Moreover, the enhanced accessibility afforded by the new air route is expected to address the burgeoning demands of business travelers, facilitate family visits, promote educational exchanges, and bolster tourism between the two regions. By bridging the geographical gap and facilitating seamless connectivity, the new route is poised to unlock new opportunities for cooperation and exchange, strengthening the bonds between Liaoning Province and Germany.

The launch of this direct air route underscores China Southern Airlines’ commitment to expanding its global network and providing passengers with efficient and convenient travel options. Leveraging advanced aircraft technology and operational expertise, the airline aims to deliver unparalleled service standards and elevate the travel experience for passengers on this key route.

As the inaugural flight approaches, anticipation is mounting for the commencement of this transformative air link, which holds the promise of fostering closer ties and unlocking new avenues for collaboration between Shenyang and Frankfurt.