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Ravshan Usmanov

Uzbek Ambassador to UK, Ravshan Usmanov Meets with British Parliament Member to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

London, March 29, 2024, The Europe Today: Ambassador Ravshan Usmanov of Uzbekistan engaged in a productive meeting with Lord Waverly, a distinguished member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament, as reported by Uzbek media sources. The dialogue, marked by mutual respect and shared appreciation for bilateral relations, underscored the commitment of both nations to fostering stronger ties and advancing cooperation across various domains.

Lord Waverly extended his commendation for the comprehensive reforms undertaken by Uzbekistan, aimed at enhancing the welfare of its citizens and fostering sustainable economic growth. Reflecting on his multiple visits to Uzbekistan, including his most recent trip in 2021, Lord Waverly expressed admiration for the tangible outcomes of these reforms, emphasizing their significant impact on the lives of the Uzbek people.

Discussions during the meeting centered on plans to invigorate political dialogue and cooperation between the parliaments of Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom. Both parties recognized the importance of bolstering inter-parliamentary dialogue as a catalyst for the realization of joint projects and initiatives.

Furthermore, Ambassador Usmanov and Lord Waverly exchanged perspectives on the imperative of expanding and reinforcing trade, economic, investment, and cultural ties between Uzbekistan and Great Britain. The dialogue emphasized the mutual benefits of deepening cooperation in these key areas, highlighting the potential for further collaboration and partnership.

As the meeting drew to a close, both parties reaffirmed their commitment to sustaining and enhancing bilateral relations, pledging to explore new avenues of cooperation and capitalize on the untapped potential for collaboration between Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom.

In a related development, Ambassador Ravshan Usmanov also held discussions with Alicia Kearns, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons of the British Parliament. The negotiations further underscored the importance of fostering constructive dialogue and cooperation between the two nations, reflecting the shared aspirations for a robust and enduring partnership.

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in London looks forward to continued engagement and collaboration with its British counterparts, as both nations strive to deepen their ties and unlock new opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity.