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Ukrainian Su-25

Russian Defense Ministry Announces Destruction of Ukrainian Su-25 Warplanes

Moscow, March 31, 2024, The Europe Today: The Russian Defense Ministry has reported the successful destruction of three Ukrainian Su-25 close air support warplanes. The military jets were stationed at the Voznesensk airfield in the strategically significant Nikolaev Region, located in the southern part of Ukraine.

The operation, executed with precision, utilized tactical aircraft, missile forces, and troops’ artillery, as per the ministry’s statement. While specific details were not provided, the ministry also confirmed the destruction of a guidance radar, a combat control vehicle, three S-300 anti-aircraft missile system launchers, and two ammunition warehouses. Additionally, a storage facility for unmanned aerial vehicles sustained damage. The briefing highlighted that Ukrainian Armed Forces and their military assets were targeted in 126 areas.

According to the Defense Ministry, Russia has successfully shot down a staggering 580 Ukrainian warplanes, 270 helicopters, and 17,951 drones since the onset of the conflict in February 2022. This assertion underscores the significant impact of Russia’s military operations in the region.

In a previous statement in October, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed that Moscow’s forces had received new military systems, facilitating the downing of 24 Ukrainian planes within just five days. However, specific details regarding these systems were not disclosed. Subsequently, TASS news agency reported, citing sources, that Russia employed an S-400 Triumph air defense system, known for its formidable 400-km range.

Ukraine’s jet fleet primarily comprises Soviet-era Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters, Su-24 frontline bombers, and a limited number of Su-25 close air support planes. Despite promises from several NATO member states to donate F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine and provide training for Ukrainian pilots, no deliveries have been made to date. Russia has vehemently opposed the deployment of these nuclear-capable jets, warning that such actions would escalate the conflict in Ukraine to an unacceptable degree.

The recent developments underscore the intensification of military operations in the region and the ongoing complexities surrounding the Ukraine conflict.