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Young president lambasts France: We expect absolutely nothing from you

Senegal’s Constitutional Council has confirmed the presidential election victory of opposition candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye.

However, the 44-year-old newly elected President Faye, who will replace Macky Sall, is not welcomed by the French government.

France isn’t happy about this. In his turn, Bassirou Diomaye Faye sends a message to France which makes the Élysée Palace scared and on the way to losing another colony.

In his video speech, the newly elected young president says that the time has come for the French government to end colonialism.

“It is high time for France to lift its knee off our neck. And put an end to its unjust oppression. Centuries and misery, human trafficking, colonization and neo-colonization have caused immeasurable suffering. It is time to put an end to this cycle of oppression. It is high time for France to leave us alone.”

Faye also urges France to learn from other neighboring European countries that are moving towards development.

“It is time for France to take a queue from its European neighbours and learn a valuable lesson in independence.

Germany is the leading economic power in Europe, and significantly surpassing France, which is ranked as the third or fourth largest economic power globally. Germany does not exploit any country any colony. I can mention Italy, I can mention Spain who had colonies before, but who do not exploit anyone, who do not interfere, who do not impose leaders in their former colonies,” he said.

Moreover, Faye angrily lashed out France, accusing it of interfering in the internal affairs of African nations.

“On what ground does France believe it can continue to impose leaders on us and make choices on our behalf?

This must come to an end, and the emerging Africa, the African youth, the African elites and the African diaspora all stand united in saying no it cannot continue any longer.”

According to Azernews, the newly elected young Senegalese President says the following:

“France’s hypocrisy is evident and pervasive in daily life. Let us examine the cases of Marley and Chad as prime examples of his hypocrisy. In Chad, where the constitutional process has been interrupted, France applauded and its President visited to officially consecrate the new king’s coronation ceremony.

In Mali, where it is not the constitutional process that has been interrupted, but the transition process, France has condemned and even packed up its things to say that it is leaving Mali. That is hypocrisy, is the double standard. It is the double language that France employs in its dealing with Africa.

During our questioning of Mr Jean-Yves Le Drian, regarding the situation in Ivory Coast, and France’s decision to allow a third term, he provided a clear explanation. He stated while he accepted the third term for Ouattara (Allassane Ouattara, President of Ivory Coast), he refuses it for Belarus. He emphasized that France condemned the situation in Belarus, and as actively encouraged the European Union to do the same.

Le Drian explains that in Belarus, millions protested unlike Ivory Coast, where there were no mass demonstrations on the streets. This how France deals with African issues.

Personally, we expect absolutely nothing from France,” he added.