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Consulate General of Uzbekistan

Consulate General of Uzbekistan Explores Collaboration with St. Petersburg State Agrarian University

St. Petersburg, April 01, 2024, The Europe Today: The Consulate General of Uzbekistan engaged in a productive meeting with the management of St. Petersburg State Agrarian University and Uzbekistani students, according to reports from Dunyo News.

In discussions led by Vitaly Morozov, the rector of St. Petersburg State Agrarian University, both parties explored current cooperation status and future prospects between higher education institutions in Uzbekistan and Russia. Key topics included the establishment of joint educational programs and addressing the needs of Uzbekistani students studying in Russia.

Rector Morozov emphasized the ample opportunities available to enhance personnel qualifications through collaborations with Uzbekistani higher education institutions. The university expressed its commitment to providing specialized training in agreed-upon fields, conducting joint scientific research, and facilitating internships for Uzbekistani scientific staff and trainees. The university affirmed its readiness to deepen cooperation in these areas.

Furthermore, the rector provided insights into the profile of Uzbekistani students at St. Petersburg State Agrarian University. Notably, Uzbekistani students are predominantly enrolled in programs related to agrotechnology, ecology, land development, agricultural construction, and engineering technology.

As part of the visit, representatives from the consulate also held a dedicated meeting with Uzbekistani students currently pursuing their studies at the university. Discussions during the meeting encompassed initiatives aimed at enhancing education and youth employment opportunities in Uzbekistan. Highlights included ongoing efforts to expand access to higher education, the establishment of new universities, and collaborative educational programs with prestigious international institutions.

The meeting underscored the mutual commitment of both Uzbekistan and Russia to strengthening educational ties and fostering academic excellence. Such collaborations are poised to enrich the academic experiences of students and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in agricultural and related fields.