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First ASEAN Future Forum to be Held in Hanoi on April 23

First ASEAN Future Forum to be Held in Hanoi on April 23

Hanoi, April 01, 2024, The Europe Today: Hanoi is set to host the inaugural ASEAN Future Forum (AFF) on April 23, marking a significant milestone in fostering dialogue and collaboration towards a sustainable future for the ASEAN region.

Initiated by Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính, the ASEAN Future Forum aims to facilitate multilateral, multidimensional, and multilayered discussions on critical issues shaping the future development of ASEAN. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to provide pragmatic policy recommendations to ASEAN leaders while enhancing understanding and cooperation among stakeholders.

The forum, announced during a press conference at the Diplomatic Academy of Việt Nam in Hanoi, will comprise an opening session and two plenary sessions, along with other engaging activities. Distinguished leaders from Việt Nam, current and incoming ASEAN Chair countries, the ASEAN Secretary-General, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations will deliver speeches during the opening session, highlighting the importance of collaboration and collective action in shaping ASEAN’s future.

Plenary session one, titled “ASEAN’s Rapid Development for a Sustainable Future,” will delve into strategies for fostering the sustainable development of the ASEAN community. The second plenary session will focus on ensuring comprehensive security for a people-centered ASEAN Community.

Additionally, two parallel working lunch sessions will explore themes such as “Repositioning ASEAN’s Central Role” and “Seizing Development Opportunities in the Digital Age,” providing a platform for in-depth discussions and exchange of ideas among participants.

Preceding the forum, on April 22, the ASEAN Secretary-General’s dialogue with youth will take center stage, offering Vietnamese and ASEAN youth a unique opportunity to voice their aspirations and contribute to shaping the future direction of ASEAN.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Đỗ Hùng Việt emphasized the forum’s significance in addressing the evolving challenges facing ASEAN, both in the present and the future. As the world undergoes rapid transformation, the AFF 2024 stands as a testament to ASEAN’s commitment to proactive dialogue and collective action in charting a resilient and prosperous path forward.

The ASEAN Future Forum embodies the spirit of collaboration and partnership, serving as a platform for constructive engagement and meaningful exchanges that will drive ASEAN’s continued progress and prosperity.