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Wang Wentao

Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao Defends EV Industry Development

Beijing, April 08, 2024, The Europe Today: On Sunday, Wang Wentao, Minister of Commerce of China, addressed accusations and affirmed the rapid development of Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers as a result of technological innovations, robust supply chain systems, and market competition rather than subsidies.

Minister Wang dismissed claims of “overcapacity” made by the United States and Europe, describing them as groundless assertions.

Highlighting the significant contribution of China’s EV industry to global efforts in combating climate change and advancing green and low-carbon transformation, Wang emphasized that the Chinese government stands ready to actively support enterprises in defending their legitimate rights and interests.

The Minister’s statements underscore China’s commitment to fostering a competitive and innovative environment in the EV sector while emphasizing the industry’s pivotal role in promoting sustainable development and addressing pressing environmental challenges on a global scale.