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Pskov Region

Uzbek Diplomats Enhance Interregional Cooperation with Pskov Region, Russia

Moscow, April 08, 2024, The Europe Today: Diplomats from the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Russia and the Consulate General in St. Petersburg conducted a productive visit to the Pskov region, aimed at bolstering interregional dialogue across various sectors, as reported by Uzbek media.

The visit included negotiations with regional leadership to advance cooperation in trade, economics, investment, migration, and cultural-humanitarian spheres between Uzbekistan and the Pskov region.

Key activities during the visit included:

Chamber of Commerce Presentation: A comprehensive presentation showcasing Uzbekistan’s economic potential was organized at the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, facilitating discussions with local business entities and industry leaders.

Meetings with Diaspora Representatives: Uzbek diplomats engaged with leaders and activists of Uzbek diaspora organizations, focusing on strengthening the protection of citizens’ rights and interests, and explaining procedures for establishing and registering diaspora organizations.

Educational Cooperation: Discussions with Alla Serebryakova, Vice-Rector of Pskov State University, highlighted bilateral cooperation in education. Uzbek students studying in Pskov shared their experiences, and efforts were made to establish collaboration between Pskov State University and Uzbekistan’s higher educational institutions.

Dialogue with Uzbek Citizens: Diplomats visited the center of temporary detention of foreign citizens under the Department of Internal Affairs of the Pskov region, engaging with Uzbek citizens detained there to address their concerns and expedite necessary procedures.

Government Meetings: Talks with Vera Yemelyanova, First Deputy Governor of the Pskov region, and government officials explored mutual interests in expanding cooperation in trade, economics, culture, humanitarian efforts, and tourism.

The visit underscores Uzbekistan’s commitment to fostering robust ties with the Pskov region and highlights efforts to facilitate collaboration across multiple sectors for the benefit of both nations.