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China and United States Reach Key Economic and Financial Consensus During Janet Yellen’s Visit

Beijing, April 09, 2024, The Europe Today: China and the United States have achieved significant consensus on economic and financial cooperation following extensive consultations during the visit of U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to China, announced Vice Finance Minister Liao Min on Monday.

Addressing a media inquiry during a press briefing, Liao emphasized the importance of deepening communication and policy coordination between the world’s two largest economies to promote mutual cooperation, stabilize global finance, and facilitate post-pandemic recovery and development.

“China maintains an open and constructive stance towards fostering this cooperation,” Liao remarked.

Both sides agreed to conduct thorough discussions on fostering balanced growth within their economies and globally, demonstrating a shared willingness to enhance economic exchanges and cooperation.

Additionally, discussions will continue on critical issues such as managing debt in developing nations and strategic reforms of international financial institutions through multilateral platforms like the G20. Cooperation will focus on jointly addressing global challenges.

In the financial realm, China and the U.S. committed to ongoing exchanges and collaboration on financial stability, sustainable finance, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorism financing.

Looking ahead, China stands ready to collaborate with the United States to translate these agreements into tangible outcomes through the China-U.S. economic and financial working group.

This consensus underscores the commitment of both nations to constructive dialogue and practical cooperation, reflecting a shared goal of strengthening economic ties and contributing to global financial stability and prosperity.