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US Ambassador’s Comments on Safe Return of Armenians from Azerbaijan Stir Controversy

Baku, April 11, 2024, The Europe Today: The Western Azerbaijan Community has responded to recent statements made by Ambassador Kristina Kvien, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Armenia, regarding the safe return of Armenians who departed from Azerbaijan. The community’s statement emphasized that the issue of Armenians returning to Azerbaijan remains a subject of ongoing concern.

In their statement, the Western Azerbaijan Community posed questions regarding Ambassador Kvien’s focus solely on Armenians returning to Azerbaijan, urging her to address the broader context of the situation. They called attention to the expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Armenia, the destruction of cultural heritage, and the alleged failure of Armenia to ensure their right of return.

The community reiterated their call for the US government to take action against ethnic and religious discrimination faced by Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia. They emphasized the importance of supporting their peaceful, safe, and dignified return to their homeland.

Ambassador Kvien’s remarks have sparked debate and underscored the complex dynamics surrounding population displacement and return in the region. The Western Azerbaijan Community’s response reflects ongoing tensions and unresolved issues related to displacement and resettlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan.