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Uzbekistan and Hungary Strengthen Bilateral Trade and Economic Cooperation

Budapest, April 17, 2024, The Europe Today: Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Oybek Shakhavdinov, recently held a meeting with Katalin Bihari, Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, as reported by Uzbek media.

During the meeting, both parties emphasized the enduring friendship and multifaceted strategic partnership between Uzbekistan and Hungary, highlighting the ongoing development across all areas of mutual interest.

Key discussions centered around bilateral trade, economic cooperation, and investment opportunities, with a focus on fostering the participation of Hungarian companies in new and prospective projects within Uzbekistan.

This diplomatic engagement underscores the commitment of Uzbekistan and Hungary to strengthen their economic ties and explore avenues for increased collaboration, laying the groundwork for mutually beneficial partnerships and initiatives in the future.

The meeting represents a significant step towards deepening the economic relationship between Uzbekistan and Hungary, leveraging shared interests and opportunities to drive sustainable growth and prosperity for both nations.