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Former German Intelligence Agent Denies Espionage Charges for Russia

Berlin, April 18, 2024, The Europe Today: A former agent of Germany’s BND intelligence service, Carsten L., vehemently refuted accusations on Wednesday that he had spied for Russia while in the employment of Germany. Alongside his co-defendant, Arthur E., Carsten L. faces allegations of colluding with a Russian businessman to obtain sensitive information from the BND and passing it to Moscow’s FSB intelligence service.

Carsten L. defended himself by asserting that it was Arthur E. who had initially been recruited to assist in gathering intelligence on Russia, citing Arthur E.’s influential contacts in Africa and Russia as potential assets for such an endeavor.

In a surprising revelation, Carsten L. disclosed that during a shared visit to a Berlin establishment, Arthur E. divulged having connections within the “Russian security sector” with insights into espionage activities targeting Western embassies in Moscow—an area of significant interest given Carsten L.’s responsibilities.

Contrary to the prosecution’s claims, Carsten L. asserted that he did not betray the BND. His defense emphasized that the substantial amount of cash discovered at his residence was part of his and his wife’s retirement savings, dispelling allegations that it originated from Russian sources.

The court proceedings, marked by heightened security measures and numerous closed-door sessions, underscore the gravity and confidentiality of the materials being discussed.

Prosecutors allege that Carsten L. not only facilitated the transfer of classified BND files to Arthur E. but also orchestrated their transmission to Moscow, reportedly receiving substantial financial compensation from the FSB in return.

The trial continues to unfold amidst intense scrutiny, with the possibility of life imprisonment looming over both defendants if found guilty of high treason.