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Athletes Hamish Kerr and Laulauga Tausaga Engage with Fans Ahead of 2024 Diamond League in Xiamen

Xiamen, April 19, 2024, The Europe Today: With the highly anticipated 2024 Diamond League just around the corner, New Zealand high jumper Hamish Kerr and discus thrower Laulauga Tausaga visited a Wanda Plaza in Xiamen on Thursday to interact with fans and share insights into their preparations and aspirations for the upcoming event.

Kerr, who recently secured his first gold medal at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow with an impressive jump of 2.36 meters, has demonstrated consistent improvement throughout his career, with 2022 being a standout year. During the fan meet in Xiamen, Kerr expressed his appreciation for the energizing support from the crowd during his jumps, emphasizing the unique atmosphere of athletics.

When asked about the possibility of setting a new personal and Oceania record at the forthcoming competition at Xiamen Egret Stadium, Kerr exuded confidence, stating, “My body is amazing,” signaling his readiness to push his limits on the international stage.

Meanwhile, Tausaga, celebrated for her victory over renowned competitors like Olympic champion Valarie Allman and world champion Feng Bin, shared her ambitious goal of surpassing the 70-meter mark in discus throwing.

“The facilities here are exceptional, and the competition is fierce. Achieving 70 meters is a challenging target, but as athletes, we aim high,” remarked Tausaga during the event, expressing optimism about achieving this milestone, potentially in Xiamen.

Both Kerr and Tausaga have their sights set on the Olympic podium. While Kerr appeared relaxed discussing his prospects for the Paris Olympic Games, Tausaga emphasized the immediate goal of securing a spot on the U.S. team for the upcoming competition.

“I can’t predict my performance in Paris yet because I haven’t secured my place on the team. This year, my primary goal is to earn that opportunity,” stated Tausaga, underscoring her determination to excel in elite competition.

The interaction between Kerr, Tausaga, and their enthusiastic fans at Wanda Plaza in Xiamen reflects the excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming Diamond League event, where these exceptional athletes aim to showcase their talent on a global stage