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China Condemns U.S. Imposition of New Tariffs on Chinese Steel and Aluminum Products

Beijing, April 19, 2024, The Europe Today: The Ministry of Commerce of China issued a strong rebuke on Thursday against the United States’ imposition of new restrictive measures targeting Chinese steel and aluminum products, denouncing the action as unilateral, protectionist, and devoid of merit.

According to a spokesperson from the ministry, the latest measures announced by the United States, which could potentially triple tariffs on these products, are unjustified and represent a continuation of groundless accusations against China.

In a statement, the spokesperson asserted that the United States’ decision deviates from established international economic and trade norms, as it disregards global trade regulations, politicizes economic issues, and misuses Section 301 tariff review procedures to arbitrarily adjust tariffs on Chinese goods.

Furthermore, the ministry expressed concerns that these punitive actions by the United States will not address domestic industry challenges and will instead disrupt global industrial and supply chains by pressuring other countries to curb imports of Chinese products.

China strongly urged the United States to confront its own economic challenges and cease the escalation of tariffs on Chinese goods, emphasizing the immediate cancellation of additional tariffs imposed on Chinese imports. The ministry affirmed China’s commitment to taking all necessary measures to safeguard its rights and interests in response to these unwarranted actions.

The escalating trade tensions between China and the United States underscore broader concerns over international trade practices and the stability of global economic relationships.