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Shi Hailin

Shi Hailin Wins International Highline Competition in Shanxi

Beijing, April 21, 2024, The Europe Today: In an exhilarating display of skill and bravery, Chinese athlete Shi Hailin emerged as the victor in an international highline competition held in Hejing City, located in north China’s Shanxi Province, on Sunday.

The competition, which showcased the extreme sport of highlining—a variation of slacklining conducted at dizzying heights—drew participants from around the globe to test their mettle hundreds of meters above ground.

Shi Hailin, renowned as a Guinness World Record holder for the fastest 100-meter slackline walk, showcased exceptional prowess despite facing challenges. “I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, and I didn’t expect to win,” Shi remarked after securing victory.

Among the competitors was Benoit Humm from France, who secured third place despite battling a foot injury during the event. “My performance was not really good because I injured my foot, so I could not push myself to the best, but I’m still happy to be here,” Humm expressed.

Slacklining, which blends elements of rock climbing, parkour, and gymnastics, demands remarkable balance and agility, with athletes traversing or executing intricate maneuvers on a narrow nylon rope merely 2.5 centimeters wide. Highline competitions, held in breathtaking settings, test participants’ nerves and skill as they navigate challenging courses suspended high above the ground.

Shi Hailin’s victory underscores China’s growing prominence in extreme sports and showcases the determination and skill of athletes pushing the boundaries of human performance in daring and unconventional disciplines.