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Chinese President Xi Jinping to Embark on State Visits to France, Serbia, and Hungary

Beijing, April 29, 2024, The Europe Today: In a significant development in international diplomacy, Chinese President Xi Jinping has accepted invitations from President Emmanuel Macron of the Republic of France, President Aleksandar Vučić of the Republic of Serbia, and President Tamás Sulyok and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary, to embark on state visits to their respective countries.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying announced this milestone on Monday, highlighting the diplomatic overtures set to take place from May 5 to May 10. These state visits mark a pivotal moment in strengthening bilateral relations between China and these European nations, with an emphasis on deepening cooperation across various sectors.

President Xi Jinping’s itinerary underscores the significance of fostering mutual understanding, cooperation, and partnership on regional and global issues of shared concern. The visits are poised to advance dialogue and collaboration in areas such as trade, investment, culture, and technology, further enhancing the comprehensive strategic partnerships between China and each of the host countries.

As the international community faces unprecedented challenges, these diplomatic engagements serve as a testament to the commitment of China and its European counterparts to uphold multilateralism, promote peace, and contribute to global development and prosperity.

The Chinese delegation looks forward to productive discussions and exchanges during these state visits, aimed at advancing mutual interests and promoting harmony and cooperation in the international arena.