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Prime Minister Youth Programme Hosts Press Gala Dinner to Emphasize Media’s Role in Empowering Youth

Islamabad, May 04, 2024, The Europe Today: According to the report of The Gulf Observer, Prime Minister Youth Programme, under the leadership of Chairman Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan, hosted a press gala dinner at the Islamabad Club to acknowledge the vital role of media in the success of the programme.

Addressing the gathering of print media, news, and social media influencers, Chairman Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan expressed his gratitude for the media’s unwavering support in promoting the Prime Minister Youth Programme’s initiatives. He emphasized that the media plays a critical role in empowering the youth of Pakistan by creating awareness about the various programmes and opportunities available to them.

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“The Prime Minister Youth Programme is committed to empowering the youth of Pakistan, and we recognize that the media is an indispensable partner in this endeavour,” said Chairman Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan. “We believe that together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of our young people and shape a brighter future for our country.”

The Chairman highlighted the various initiatives undertaken by the Prime Minister Youth Programme, including youth skill development, education, and entrepreneurship opportunities. He encouraged the media to continue their support in disseminating information about these programmes, enabling more young people to benefit from them.

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The evening was graced by the presence of global youth leader and columnist, Qaiser Nawab, who commended the Prime Minister’s proactive approach towards engaging the nation’s youth. Pakistan’s true powerhouse lies within its vibrant youth, and fostering connections with budding journalists and media enthusiasts is pivotal for staying informed and connected to the dynamic vision of the Prime Minister’s Youth Office. Mr Nawab added

The press gala dinner provided a platform for the media and the Prime Minister Youth Programme to engage in a constructive dialogue, fostering a stronger partnership to promote youth empowerment in Pakistan.