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Kazakhstan and Japan

Kazakhstan and Japan Strengthen Cooperation in Green Energy and Decarbonization

Tokyo, May 11, 2024, The Europe Today: In a bid to bolster bilateral ties and enhance collaboration in environmental initiatives, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Japan, Sabr Yessimbekov, recently convened a meeting with Parliamentary Vice-minister of Japan, Kentaro Asahi. The gathering, as reported by the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, underscored the shared commitment of both nations towards advancing green energy, environmental sustainability, and decarbonization efforts.

During the meeting, Ambassador Yessimbekov provided insights into upcoming bilateral and multilateral events slated to take place in Kazakhstan. He emphasized the significant potential for furthering cooperation in the realms of green energy, environmental conservation, and decarbonization initiatives within the framework of existing partnerships.

In response, Parliamentary Vice-minister Asahi lauded the existing collaboration between Kazakhstan and Japan in the fields of ecology and environment. He expressed keen interest in exploring avenues for the realization of joint projects aimed at promoting green energy solutions and advancing decarbonization agendas.

Concluding the deliberations, both parties reaffirmed their commitment to fostering close collaboration and sustained dialogue to drive forward initiatives in green energy and decarbonization. The agreement to continue their close interaction underscores the shared vision of Kazakhstan and Japan in addressing pressing environmental challenges while embracing sustainable development practices.

The outcome of this meeting signals a pivotal step towards deepening the partnership between Kazakhstan and Japan in the critical areas of environmental stewardship and renewable energy, furthering their collective efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future.