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Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim Visits Imam Bukhari Complex in Samarkand

Samarkand, May 19, 2024, The Europe Today: Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim visited the revered complex of the great Hadith scholar Imam Bukhari in Samarkand. During his visit, Prime Minister Ibrahim was briefed on the extensive construction and landscaping efforts initiated by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The Imam Bukhari complex, a significant religious and cultural site, has been undergoing major renovations to enhance its facilities and surroundings. These initiatives aim to preserve and promote the heritage of Imam Bukhari, one of the most prominent figures in Islamic scholarship.

Prime Minister Ibrahim expressed his admiration for the meticulous restoration work and the dedication to maintaining the historical and spiritual significance of the complex. The visit underscores the strong cultural and diplomatic ties between Malaysia and Uzbekistan.

The enhancements to the complex include the restoration of historical structures, the construction of new facilities to accommodate visitors, and the beautification of the surrounding landscape. These improvements are part of President Mirziyoyev’s broader efforts to promote Uzbekistan’s rich cultural heritage and enhance its appeal as a destination for religious and cultural tourism.

Prime Minister Ibrahim’s visit highlights the global importance of Imam Bukhari’s legacy and the shared cultural and religious values between Malaysia and Uzbekistan. It also serves as a testament to the ongoing cooperation and goodwill between the two nations.