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Twelve Injured as Qatar Airways Plane Hits Turbulence on Route to Dublin

Dublin, May 26, 2024, The Europe Today: Twelve people were injured on Sunday after a Qatar Airways plane encountered turbulence during its flight from Doha, Qatar, to Dublin, Ireland, airport authorities reported.

The incident occurred while the aircraft was over Turkey, leading to injuries among six passengers and six crew members. Despite the turbulence, the plane landed safely at Dublin Airport shortly before 1:00 p.m. local time (1200 UTC).

Upon landing, the aircraft was met by emergency services, including Airport Police and the Fire and Rescue department, due to the reported injuries. Dublin Airport confirmed that the injured individuals received immediate medical attention on the ground. However, the airport did not provide specific details on the severity of the injuries.

Qatar Airways released a statement acknowledging that a small number of passengers and crew sustained minor injuries and were receiving medical care.

According to Ireland’s RTE broadcaster, the turbulence incident lasted less than 20 seconds and occurred as the flight crew were distributing food and drinks to passengers.

This incident follows a similar event days earlier, where severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight resulted in one death and numerous injuries, prompting the airline to enhance its safety measures.

Scientists suggest that climate change may be contributing to an increase in turbulence incidents in recent years, raising concerns about passenger and crew safety during flights.