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Powerful Storms Kill at Least 15 in Central United States, Causing Widespread Damage

Oklahoma, May 26, 2024, The Europe Today: Powerful storms sweeping through the central United States have resulted in the deaths of at least 15 people and caused extensive damage across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Weather forecasters have issued warnings of further severe weather, and the National Weather Service has released dozens of tornado warnings for cities and towns in the region.

In Texas, Cooke County Sheriff Ray Sappington confirmed that a powerful tornado struck north-central communities near the Oklahoma border on Saturday, resulting in at least seven fatalities. Among the deceased were two children, aged 2 and 5. Officials are still assessing the disaster’s scale and conducting search and rescue operations.

Sheriff Sappington reported that several trailer homes in the worst-hit areas were “completely gone,” while others sustained severe damage. Multiple individuals were transported to hospitals by ambulance and helicopter in Denton County, north of Dallas.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that around 100 people were injured, and more than 200 homes and structures were destroyed. “The hopes and dreams of Texas families and small businesses have literally been crushed by storm after storm,” Abbott said, noting the state’s recent successive severe weather events. Governor Abbott has signed a decree for four counties, enabling the release of funds and staff to assist those whose homes were damaged or destroyed.

In Arkansas, authorities reported at least five deaths, with roads blocked by debris, downed power lines and trees, and significant damage to homes and businesses. Oklahoma also reported fatalities, prompting local officials to activate an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the state’s response efforts.

Recent Tornado in Iowa

The latest extreme weather follows just days after a powerful tornado devastated a rural town in Iowa, resulting in four deaths. Meteorologists and local authorities continue to issue urgent warnings for residents in affected areas to seek shelter immediately.

“If you are in the path of this storm take cover now!” the National Weather Service office in Norman, Oklahoma, posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The situation remains critical as search and rescue operations continue and authorities work to provide relief and assistance to the affected communities.