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Pakistan Declares May 28 a National Holiday to Honour Youm-e-Takbeer

Islamabad, May 27, 2024, The Europe Today: According to the report of The Gulf Observer, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif announced on Monday that May 28, known as Youm-e-Takbeer, will be observed as a national holiday to commemorate the day Pakistan became a nuclear power. The announcement was made via a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

PM Shehbaz highlighted that Youm-e-Takbeer is a significant reminder of the nation’s unity in fortifying Pakistan’s defense. “On this day, the entire nation decided to maintain the integrity of the country by rejecting any external pressure on our defence,” he stated, emphasizing the collective resolve that led to Pakistan’s nuclear milestone.

The Prime Minister underscored that Youm-e-Takbeer symbolizes the solidarity of Pakistan’s political and military forces, united under the green crescent flag to enhance national defense. He also pointed out that the day reaffirms Pakistan’s commitment to thwart not only external threats but also internal elements aiming to destabilize the country through divisive politics.

Reflecting on the historical significance of May 28, PM Shehbaz paid tribute to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan armed forces for their decisive actions in making the country’s defense invincible. He also honored former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the scientists who were instrumental in initiating and sustaining Pakistan’s nuclear program.

“The entire Pakistani nation, including myself, pledges on this day to ensure the economic security of the country with the same dedication that made our defence indomitable on May 28,” PM Shehbaz declared, reaffirming his commitment to the nation’s security and prosperity.

Youm-e-Takbeer, now a national holiday, stands as a testament to Pakistan’s resilience and determination in safeguarding its sovereignty and advancing its national interests.