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Belgium Commits to Delivering 30 F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine by 2028

Brussels, May 28, 2024, The Europe Today: Belgium has announced its commitment to deliver 30 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine by 2028, as part of a strategic security agreement signed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. This move aims to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities in countering Russia’s ongoing invasion.

The agreement underscores Belgium’s support for Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression, marking a significant contribution to Kyiv’s military resources. President Zelenskyy and Prime Minister De Croo formalized the agreement during Zelenskyy’s two-day tour of Spain, Belgium, and Portugal, aimed at garnering further international support for Ukraine.

“This commitment from Belgium is a strong testament to the solidarity and support of our European partners,” President Zelenskyy said. “These F-16 fighter jets will significantly enhance our defensive capabilities and contribute to our ongoing efforts to safeguard our sovereignty.”

Prime Minister De Croo emphasized Belgium’s dedication to supporting Ukraine. “Belgium stands firmly with Ukraine in its fight for freedom and territorial integrity,” De Croo stated. “Our provision of F-16 fighter jets is a critical step in ensuring that Ukraine has the necessary tools to defend itself against aggression.”

During his tour, President Zelenskyy has been engaging with European leaders to strengthen alliances and secure additional support for Ukraine’s defense. The visit highlights the ongoing efforts of the Ukrainian government to rally international backing in its resistance against Russian military actions.

The delivery of the F-16 fighter jets is part of a broader initiative by European nations to provide Ukraine with advanced military equipment and support. This initiative aims to reinforce Ukraine’s defense infrastructure and enhance its capacity to respond effectively to the challenges posed by the invasion.

As Ukraine continues to defend its territory, international partnerships and commitments such as this play a crucial role in ensuring the nation’s resilience and ability to withstand external threats. The agreement between Belgium and Ukraine is a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to support Ukraine’s defense and promote stability in the region.