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Aykorkem Batikhan

Kazakh Archer Aykorkem Batikhan Wins World Championship at Fetih Kupası Tournament

Istanbul, May 31, 2024, The Europe Today: In a stunning achievement, 19-year-old Aykorkem Batikhan of Kazakhstan’s national team in traditional archery has been crowned world champion at the “Fetih Kupası” tournament held in Istanbul, according to Kazakh media.

Competing in the 50cm Puta target race over 50 meters, Batikhan triumphed against a field of approximately 300 athletes from 20 countries participating in the 12th edition of this prestigious international tournament.

“The international tournament ‘Fetih Kupası’ is one of the largest competitions in traditional archery. Successful performance and victory in this competition is one of the coveted trophies of all Kazakh archers,” stated Dias Akhmetov, head coach of the Kazakhstan national traditional archery team. “The tournament has been taking place in Türkiye for 12 years. Kazakhstani athletes have been participating since 2017, but Kazakhstan had not won until now. This year, our athletes reached the finals: 4 girls and 4 men. In the final, Aykorkem Batikhan met with the strongest archer in Türkiye and defeated him with a score of 5:4. The victory of Aykorkem is a great achievement for our entire team.”

Batikhan’s victory is particularly remarkable given that she has only been practicing traditional archery for 1.5 years. Her rapid rise to the top of the sport highlights her exceptional talent and dedication, marking a historic moment for Kazakhstan in the field of traditional archery.

The success at Fetih Kupası not only brings pride to Batikhan but also represents a significant milestone for Kazakh archery on the international stage.