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International Conference in Bürgenstock Affirms Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity

Bürgenstock, June 16, 2024, The Europe Today: In a significant display of international solidarity, delegates from eighty countries attending a conference at the Swiss resort of Bürgenstock have jointly called for the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine to be the foundation for any peace agreement aimed at ending Russia’s ongoing conflict.

The final communique of the summit, endorsed by the majority of participating nations, emphasized the need for inclusive dialogue. “We believe that reaching peace requires the involvement of and dialogue between all parties,” the communique stated.

The document underscored the importance of adhering to the UN Charter and highlighted that “respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty can and will serve as a basis for achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine.” Furthermore, it reaffirmed the commitment to the “territorial integrity of all states, including Ukraine,” and called for the full exchange of prisoners of war and the return of deported children.

Despite broad support, some key developing nations, including India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, did not endorse the final document. This divergence underscores the complexities of global geopolitical alignments concerning the conflict.

The conference, which spanned two days, concluded without the participation of Russia, which had not been invited. Nevertheless, many attendees expressed hope that Russia could eventually join in the efforts towards a peaceful resolution.

The gathering saw over ninety delegations, predominantly from Western countries but also including significant representation from major developing nations, marking a notable effort to unify a diverse array of voices in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

As the world watches the ongoing developments in Ukraine, the outcomes of the Bürgenstock conference represent a critical step towards fostering international consensus on the path to peace.