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Javier Milei

Argentine President Javier Milei Receives Warm Welcome from Spanish Right-Wing, Faces Backlash from Government

Madrid, June 21, 2024, The Europe Today: Argentine President Javier Milei arrived in Madrid on Friday to an enthusiastic reception from right-wing conservatives at an event organized by the Spanish far-right VOX party. However, the Spanish government and the nation’s royals notably snubbed Milei during his visit.

Speaking at the event, Milei launched a scathing attack on Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and reiterated allegations of corruption against Sanchez’s wife, Begona Gomez. The Spanish Foreign Ministry condemned Milei’s remarks, accusing him of a “frontal attack on our democracy, on our institutions and Spain.” Despite calls for an apology, Milei has steadfastly refused and continues to criticize the Spanish leadership.

The next leg of Milei’s European tour will take him to Germany, where he will receive an award from the Friedrich Hayek Society, named after the renowned liberal Austrian-British economist Friedrich August von Hayek. Milei’s itinerary in Germany includes a one-hour meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. A spokesperson for Milei indicated that he requested a simple working meeting rather than a formal event, leading to the cancellation of a planned military reception and press conference.

Milei will conclude his European visit with a stop in the Czech Republic.

This tour highlights Milei’s controversial and polarizing approach on the international stage, drawing both fervent support and sharp criticism as he engages with political allies and adversaries in Europe.