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High-Tech Electronics and AI-Powered Robots

China to Boost Consumption of High-Tech Electronics and AI-Powered Robots

Beijing, June 25, 2024, The Europe Today: The Chinese government has announced new measures to support the consumption of advanced high-tech electronics, including smart wearable devices and AI-powered humanoid robots. This initiative, detailed by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on Monday, aims to enhance human-computer interaction and foster technological innovation.

In its statement, the NDRC outlined plans to promote the development of key technologies such as flexible displays, supercharging capabilities, AI assistants, and on-device large models. These advancements are expected to facilitate seamless human-computer interactions and drive the growth of the high-tech electronics sector.

The new measures also emphasize the application of smart wearable devices in various domains, including communication, entertainment, sports, health monitoring, and mobile payments. The NDRC highlighted the potential of these devices to revolutionize everyday life and enhance consumer experiences.

Additionally, China will explore the development of AI model-based humanoid robots. These intelligent robots are anticipated to have wide-ranging applications in cleaning, leisure and recreation, elderly and disabled care, as well as education and training sectors.

The NDRC also plans to encourage innovative production models, such as reverse customization, personalized design, and flexible production, to meet diverse consumer needs. To boost consumer awareness and market penetration of smart products, promotional activities will be organized nationwide.

These strategic efforts underscore China’s commitment to advancing its technological capabilities and integrating cutting-edge innovations into daily life. The NDRC’s initiatives are poised to position China at the forefront of the global high-tech electronics market, fostering a new era of intelligent consumer products.