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EXPO 2025

First Shipment of Building Materials for Czech National Pavilion at EXPO 2025 Dispatched to Japan

Veřovice, July 02, 2024, The Europe Today: The first containers carrying building materials for the Czech National Pavilion at EXPO 2025 in Osaka were shipped to Japan from Veřovice in the Moravian-Silesian Region on Monday. Designed by Apropos Architects, the pavilion is set to be the tallest wooden building of its kind in Japan, constructed almost entirely from wood and glass.

The pavilion’s design features a circular structure with a spiraling exterior ramp winding around a skylit atrium. The innovative design required Czech designers to meet Japan’s stringent standards and height restrictions for timber buildings due to earthquake risks. The architects successfully convinced Japanese authorities that the spiral-shaped pavilion could withstand potential natural disasters, marking a significant achievement in international architectural collaboration.

EXPO 2025 will showcase the Czech Republic’s architectural and engineering prowess, with the pavilion standing as a testament to sustainable building practices and innovative design. The construction will begin soon, with completion expected in time for the Expo’s opening.