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Kazakhstan's Key Role

Kazakhstan’s Key Role in BRI Strengthens China Partnership

Xi Jinping’s commitment to fostering robust bilateral relations is evident in his diplomatic actions. His state visit to Kazakhstan in 2013 marked the proposal of the Silk Road Economic Belt, an integral part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Significantly, Xi’s first international trip post-pandemic was to Kazakhstan, highlighting the exceptional nature of their relationship. During these visits, both leaders reiterated their commitment to a China-Kazakhstan community with a shared future, solidifying their permanent comprehensive strategic partnership established in 2019.

The Order of the Golden Eagle, Kazakhstan’s highest honor, features a soaring eagle carrying the Sun, symbolizing ambition and excellence, In 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping was awarded this accolade by Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. This event present Xi’s vision for the China-Kazakhstan relationship to ascend like the golden eagle towards a radiant future. Tokayev praised Xi as a genuine great leader, emphasizing his role in strengthening the friendship between the two nations.

Trade and economic cooperation between China and Kazakhstan have flourished, with bilateral trade reaching a record $41 billion in 2023. Joint ventures in the low-carbon sector, such as the Zhanatas wind farm and the Turgusun hydropower plant, exemplify their collaborative achievements. The mutual strategic trust has paved the way for groundbreaking projects, reflecting the high-level diplomacy between Xi and Tokayev.

President Tokayev’s deep understanding of China, facilitated by his fluency in Chinese and education in Beijing, has significantly contributed to this partnership. His personal rapport with Xi, marked by shared experiences and mutual respect, reinforces their collaborative efforts. Tokayev’s birthday celebration in Xi’s home province of Shaanxi in 2023 and his participation in the Belt and Road Forum further illustrate the strength of their bond.

Kazakhstan’s pivotal role in the BRI and its unwavering support highlight its strategic importance to China. Tokayev’s assurance that China is a trusted partner signifies a lasting commitment to their partnership. This enduring friendship and strategic cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, propelled by the visionary leadership of Xi and Tokayev, promise a future of shared prosperity and mutual advancement.

Ms. Fatima Tuz Zehra is the Editor-In-Chief of The Gulf Observer.