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Shawn Barber

Canadian Pole Vault Champion Shawn Barber Passes Away at 29

Toronto, January 19, 2024, The Europe Today: In a somber turn of events, Canadian pole vault record holder and 2015 world champion, Shawn Barber, passed away at the age of 29. His agent, Paul Doyle, confirmed the news to Reuters, stating that Barber succumbed to medical complications at his home in Kirkwood, Texas on Wednesday.

Beyond his exceptional athletic prowess, Barber was remembered as a compassionate individual who consistently prioritized others. Doyle expressed his grief, saying, “More than just an incredible athlete, Shawn was such a good-hearted person that always put others ahead of himself. It’s tragic to lose such a good person at such a young age.”

Barber’s achievements included clinching the gold at the 2015 Pan American Games and a surprising upset at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, where he secured the title by surpassing formidable competitors like Raphael Holzdeppe and Renaud Lavillenie.

Notably, Barber’s remarkable jump of 6.0 meters on January 15, 2016, remains the Canadian record to this day. His contributions extended to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where he showcased his skill on the global stage.

Remarkably, Barber’s journey in pole vault began at the tender age of seven, eventually leading to breaking the U.S. high school record by over a foot. He went on to secure back-to-back NCAA indoor titles for the University of Akron in 2014 and 2015, along with the 2015 NCAA outdoor title.

The sporting community mourns the untimely loss of an athlete who not only soared to great heights in his career but also touched the hearts of those who knew him. Shawn Barber’s legacy in the world of pole vaulting will be remembered as one marked by both excellence and kindness.