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Thailand Secures Valuable Point in Asian Cup Clash Against Oman

Doha, January 21, 2024, The Europe Today: In a closely contested match in Doha on Sunday, Thailand’s coach Masatada Ishii expressed his satisfaction as his team held Oman to a goalless draw, bringing them a step closer to the knockout rounds of the Asian Cup.

Despite a dynamic first half, Oman’s efforts to break through the Thai defense in the second half were thwarted, with midfielder Salaah Al-Yahyaei unable to find a way past.

Supachai Chaided, the striker from Buriram United, who previously secured a brace in Thailand’s 2-0 victory over Kyrgyzstan, found himself increasingly isolated in the attacking third.

As the final whistle blew, Thailand celebrated the draw, securing their position at the top of Group F with four points from two games, enhancing their chances of advancing to the last 16.

Coach Ishii reflected on the initial aim for three points, stating, “When we went into this match we wanted three points, but as the game went by, we saw what can be done. We are really happy with one point.”

Oman’s coach, Branko Ivanovic, acknowledged the cohesion of the Thai team, remarking, “The Thai team was very cohesive,” and highlighting the difficulty in creating scoring opportunities.

Saudi Arabia, currently second in the group with three points, still has a game in hand against Kyrgyzstan. Oman holds one point, and Kyrgyzstan is yet to secure any points. While the top two teams are guaranteed a spot in the next phase, the battle for third place remains open, offering a chance for advancement.