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Major Counterfeit Cash Haul Seized in German Port City of Kiel

Major Counterfeit Cash Haul Seized in German Port City of Kiel

Berlin, April 05, 2024, The Europe Today: Authorities in the northern German port city of Kiel announced on Friday the discovery of a significant cache of counterfeit currency amounting to over $103 million.

Believed to be part of a larger operation involving the production and distribution of forged bills from Turkey to the United States via Germany, the haul consists of low-quality counterfeit notes.

The breakthrough in uncovering the counterfeit notes came after US security authorities alerted German federal police, leading to an investigation into the suspected individual’s company locations.

In a coordinated effort, state police in Schleswig-Holstein conducted extensive searches of an apartment and two company addresses, both in Schleswig-Holstein and neighboring Hamburg. During the searches, law enforcement officers seized four pallets containing a total of 75 boxes of counterfeit US dollars.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the counterfeit banknotes originated from a wholesaler based in Turkey. The alleged trader purportedly utilized one of the accused’s export companies in the Schleswig-Holstein town of Jübek as an interim storage facility for onward transportation to the US.

A 42-year-old suspect, who serves as the managing director of two export firms, is under investigation for counterfeiting charges. Despite not being in custody due to insufficient evidence, authorities suspect the individual of previously exporting forged currency across the Atlantic.

While the seized counterfeit bills, commonly referred to as “prop copies” or “movie money,” may not be highly convincing upon closer examination, they have been deemed by both Germany’s central Bundesbank and US authorities as potentially mistaken for genuine currency in payment transactions.

The production, procurement, and distribution of counterfeit currency constitute serious criminal offenses, and authorities are continuing their efforts to dismantle the illicit operation.

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