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Julian Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann Extends Contract with German Football Association (DFB) Ahead of Euro 2024

Berlin, April 19, 2024, The Europe Today: Julian Nagelsmann, the current head coach of the German national football team, has secured a contract extension with the German Football Association (DFB) despite not yet leading Germany in a competitive match.

Nagelsmann, 36, assumed the role in September 2023 and has overseen friendly victories over France and the Netherlands in recent fixtures. With Germany hosting Euro 2024, the team has exclusively played friendly matches under Nagelsmann’s leadership, with the first significant match being the Euro 2024 opener against Scotland on June 14 in Munich.

The extension of Nagelsmann’s contract comes amid reported interest from Bayern Munich to re-hire him, following his departure from the club in March 2023. The DFB’s decision to extend his contract underscores their commitment to continuity and stability.

“This is a decision made with the heart. It is a great honor to coach the national team and work with the best players in the country,” expressed Nagelsmann in a statement released by the DFB. He emphasized the significance of representing the nation and engaging with enthusiastic fans, aiming for a successful campaign at Euro 2024 and beyond.

Germany’s national team has faced challenges in recent major tournaments, exiting the last two World Cups in the group stage and the previous Euros in the round of 16. The DFB’s President, Bernd Neuendorf, highlighted that extending Nagelsmann’s contract provides security and allows focused preparation for a strong performance at Euro 2024.

While Nagelsmann’s contract extension is celebrated by the DFB, it signals a setback for Bayern Munich, which is in search of a new head coach following the impending departure of Thomas Tuchel. The club is reassessing its options in light of Nagelsmann’s commitment to the national team.

As Germany gears up for Euro 2024, expectations are high for Nagelsmann and his team to deliver a compelling performance on home soil, with matches against Hungary and Switzerland also on the horizon. The extended contract reflects the DFB’s optimism in Nagelsmann’s leadership and vision for the future of German football.