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Julian Nagelsmann

Germany’s Head Coach Julian Nagelsmann Condemns “Racist” Survey on National Team Composition

Berlin, June 03, 2024, The Europe Today: Germany’s head coach Julian Nagelsmann has labeled a recent survey that questioned whether participants wanted more white players in the national team as “racist.” The survey, featured in a WDR documentary, saw 21% of respondents vote in favor of more white players, prompting strong reactions from the football community.

Bayern Munich and Germany player Joshua Kimmich condemned the survey, a sentiment echoed by Nagelsmann.

“Josh responded really well, with a very clear and thought-out statement,” Nagelsmann said. “I agree that it is racist. I have the feeling that we need to wake up. Many people in Europe had to flee… searching for a safe country.”

Nagelsmann emphasized the importance of diversity in the national team, stating, “A football team can be a role model of how to unite different cultures, religious backgrounds, and skin colors. It is good the way it is now. We play a Euro for everyone in the country and whoever plays top football is invited to be a national team member. I hope I never have to read such crap polls again.”

Germany is set to host the European Championship this summer, with the tournament kicking off on June 14. The host nation will play Scotland in Munich. Germany’s squad for the Euros includes Black players and players of Turkish descent, among others, showcasing the diverse makeup of the team.

Nagelsmann’s strong stance against the survey reflects a broader commitment to inclusivity and diversity within German football, highlighting the role of sports in promoting unity and equality.