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8th China-Eurasia Expo

8th China-Eurasia Expo to Be Held in Xinjiang from June 26-30

Beijing, June 13, 2024 — The 8th China-Eurasia Expo is set to take place from June 26 to 30 in northwest China’s Xinjiang region, as announced by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

Spanning an impressive 140,000 square meters, the expo will feature four major exhibition zones dedicated to investment cooperation, international exhibitions, special industries, and equipment manufacturing. This year’s event promises to showcase a diverse range of sectors and opportunities for international collaboration.

The special industries exhibition zone will spotlight sectors such as energy, digital technology, cultural tourism, green organic fruits and vegetables, high-quality livestock products, and cotton and textiles. Meanwhile, the international exhibition zone will focus on socio-economic development, investment opportunities, and cooperation projects from various countries, highlighting the global scope and significance of the expo.

Since its inception in 2011, the China-Eurasia Expo has successfully held seven sessions, each yielding substantial results. Over the years, the expo has attracted more than 12,200 domestic and foreign exhibitors from over 70 countries and regions, drawing a total of 2.16 million visitors. These expos have led to numerous exemplary cooperation achievements, significantly promoting China-Eurasia economic and trade cooperation and enhancing people-to-people exchanges.

The MOC emphasized the expo’s role in fostering international cooperation and driving economic development in the region. As a crucial platform for dialogue and collaboration, the China-Eurasia Expo continues to build bridges between China and the broader Eurasian region, paving the way for future growth and mutual prosperity.

Participants and visitors to the 8th China-Eurasia Expo can look forward to an event filled with opportunities for networking, investment, and exploring the latest developments across a variety of industries. The event underscores China’s commitment to strengthening its ties with Eurasian countries and enhancing global economic integration.