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China’s Chang’e-6 Mission

China’s Chang’e-6 Mission Returns with Lunar Samples

Beijing, June 28, 2024, The Europe Today: The China National Space Administration (CNSA) announced on Friday that the Chang’e-6 mission has successfully collected and returned 1,935.3 grams of samples from the moon’s far side. This historic achievement marks the world’s first collection of lunar samples from the far side of the moon.

The samples were officially handed over to Chinese research teams during a ceremony held in Beijing. Researchers will now proceed with the planned storage and processing of the lunar samples, initiating a series of scientific research projects aimed at further understanding the moon’s composition and history.

The return capsule of the Chang’e-6 probe, which carried the precious samples, landed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on June 25. This milestone underscores China’s growing capabilities in space exploration and its commitment to advancing lunar science.

The successful retrieval of these samples is expected to provide valuable insights into the geological characteristics of the moon’s far side, which remains less explored compared to its near side. The CNSA and Chinese research institutions are poised to begin extensive analysis and experiments to maximize the scientific yield from this groundbreaking mission.