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EU Leaders Halt Georgia’s EU Accession Over Controversial Law

Brussels, June 28, 2024, The Europe Today: EU leaders announced on Thursday that Georgia’s bid to join the European Union has been put on hold following the passage of a controversial law targeting alleged foreign influence, modeled after similar Russian legislation. Georgia, which became an official candidate country last year, now faces significant obstacles to its accession due to the new law passed earlier this month.

In a statement issued during a key summit in Brussels, the EU urged Georgian authorities “to clarify their intentions by reversing the current course of action which jeopardizes Georgia’s EU path, de facto leading to a halt of the accession process.” The EU condemned the “foreign influence” law, stating it represents a regression on some of the progress made by Georgia in its journey toward EU membership. The bloc also expressed concerns about the potential for the former Soviet state to fall back under Moscow’s influence.

EU Leadership Nominations

In related news, Ursula von der Leyen has expressed gratitude to EU leaders for nominating her for a second term as president of the European Commission. “Grateful to Leaders for endorsing my nomination for a second mandate,” she shared on social media. “Delighted to share this moment with my friends Antonio Costa and Kaja Kallas.” Von der Leyen will now present her political agenda to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) ahead of a confirmation vote.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has been nominated to replace Josep Borrell as the European Union’s foreign policy chief. “This has enormous responsibility at this moment of geopolitical tensions,” Kallas stated. She emphasized the importance of achieving EU unity, protecting the EU’s interests and values, and building global partnerships amid the current geopolitical landscape. Kallas, who became Estonia’s first woman prime minister in 2021 and is known as a leading critic of the Kremlin, will present her case to MEPs in the coming days, requiring a majority endorsement in the European Parliament to be confirmed.

The decisions made at this summit underscore the EU’s commitment to maintaining its principles and navigating the complex geopolitical environment, while also addressing internal and external challenges.