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Future-Oriented Industries

Beijing to Enhance Infrastructure for Future-Oriented Industries

Beijing, June 30, 2024, The Europe Today: The municipal government of Beijing has released a new guideline aimed at bolstering infrastructure and services to support the city’s future-oriented industries. This initiative builds upon the city’s strategic plan established last year, which focuses on six key fields, including information, health, manufacturing, energy, and materials, and encompasses 20 industries such as general artificial intelligence, 6G, smart travel, and quantum information.

As part of this plan, Beijing will upgrade and establish new incubation bases designed to provide substantial support to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as unicorn companies. These bases will serve as high-value hubs for innovation and growth, as outlined by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology.

The bureau emphasized that these incubation bases will be equipped with diverse resources, including partnerships with universities and research institutions. They will also offer financial and business management services, helping enterprises recruit talent, transform scientific and technological achievements, develop markets, and secure investment and financing.

This initiative underscores Beijing’s commitment to fostering an environment conducive to technological advancement and economic growth, positioning the city as a leader in future-oriented industries.