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Chinese Premier Li Qiang

Chinese Premier Li Qiang Holds Symposium on Economic Situation

Beijing, July 10, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese Premier Li Qiang convened a symposium on the country’s economic situation, engaging with experts and entrepreneurs to gather insights and suggestions for bolstering China’s economy.

During the symposium, Premier Li underscored China’s ongoing efforts since the beginning of the year to promote high-quality development. He highlighted the nation’s initiatives to strengthen macro-control measures and advance new productive forces, noting that the Chinese economy remains stable.

After listening to the speeches of experts and entrepreneurs, Premier Li emphasized the need to address economic challenges with rigorous analysis and scientific decision-making. He called for the robust implementation of macro policies and enhancements to policy effectiveness to ensure healthy economic development.

Premier Li stressed the importance of innovation-driven development in consolidating economic recovery. He urged the full engagement of enterprises and the provision of targeted policy support to help them achieve breakthroughs in core technologies across key fields.

Highlighting the need for systemic and mechanistic reforms, Premier Li called for efforts to boost the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of all stakeholders. He advocated for better utilization of China’s extensive innovation resources.

Premier Li also expressed his hope that entrepreneurs would prioritize innovation and provide practical suggestions. He encouraged experts and scholars to combine theoretical knowledge with practical realities, enhance forward-looking thinking, and conduct regular research to contribute more wisdom to the country’s economic strategy.

The symposium marks a significant step in China’s continuous efforts to adapt and thrive in the global economic landscape, reinforcing the government’s commitment to high-quality development and innovation.